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Getting the Most Out of Your Property

Housing Action Management expects tenants to respect and care for the property that has been provided for their use.


Please ensure you follow the rules below.

Your Property

  • Property Upkeep - All properties must be kept clean and tidy at all times.

  • Garden - You are responsible for maintaining the gardens and keeping them free from rubbish.

  • Communal areas - All communal areas should be cleaned and maintained where appropriate.

  • Communal access - You should not block any communal access with pushchairs, furniture or rubbish at any time.

  • Pets - If pets are allowed, you must ensure that they do not cause damage or nuisance to the property or neighbouring properties. This includes fouling public areas, and gardens should be cleaned prior to vacating the property.

  • Fire doors - All fire doors should be closed at all times and not obstructed in any way.

  • Electrical sockets - All electrical sockets must not be overloaded, one appliance per socket only.

  • Pest control - Your responsibility and due care should be taken to reduce infestation of any kind.

  • Rubbish - All rubbish must be placed in appropriate dustbins and not left in public places.

Health & Wellbeing

  • Smoke alarms - Should not be tampered with and should be checked on a weekly basis. They must NOT be removed under any circumstances.

  • Cooking - Never leave cooking unattended at any time.

  • Occupancy - The property is for your use only and must not be used by others either known or not known to you.

  • Noise - Please be aware of excessive noise (television, music, visitors etc) at all times.

  • No use of, or dealing of drugs will be tolerated at any time and police will be informed where this is noted or suspected.

  • No weapons of any kind should be kept at the property at any time.

  • You must respect your neighbours at all times.

  • No child under 14 years of age should be left unattended in the property at any time. We will immediately report any incident of unattended children or suspected child abuse to the appropriate agencies including social services and the police.

Please keep the accommodation in a good state of repair. Note that you will be liable for any malicious damage caused at your property. All visitors must adhere to all the above guidelines. Full details of the above can be found within your welcome pack.

To report a repair, please use the website form by clicking here.

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