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Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses Insurance

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Insurance for Landlords

Rent Guarantee & Legal Expenses Insurance for Landlords with DSS Tenants. An insurance-backed solution - underwritten by RSA Group, a global 'A' rated insurer. 

Our Rent Guarantee solution has been designed and created for landlords, agents, and temporary accommodation providers housing tenants on state benefits (widely known as DSS tenants). Simply put, if the tenants do not or cannot pay some or all of your rent, we will make up the difference. If your property is damaged or if eviction proceedings become necessary, we will cover your legal expenses. No excess, no excuses, no long delays before settlement.


Best of all, there is no policy excess. 


We are working with Rentsurance to specialise in covering landlords, letting agents, and other organisations who provide homes for DSS, unemployed tenants. That includes providing:

  • Bespoke for landlords and agents with DSS tenants.

  • No credit checks, no guarantors, no deposit/bonds necessary.

  • No policy excess.

  • £25,000 legal cover.

  • £2,500 per month rent cover.

  • 24/7 legal and claims helpline.

We don't require the renter to provide a guarantor of any kind. We don't ask (or have you ask) for rent in advance. We don't get the local council or authority involved with the claims process. Everything we do is centred around two main goals – making sure you get paid rent even if the tenant is in difficulty and making sure vulnerable or disadvantaged tenants can have the stable, reliable homes they need to better their positions and raise their families.

Better still, the contract of insurance is between you (the landlord) and our 'A' rated insurers, RSA Group. If your tenant moves out before the end of the expected tenancy or the insured period, simply update us with the new information when you get a new tenant. Cover continues throughout the policy year.

We also cover your legal expenses, and there is no policy excess here either. If you need to take legal action against a tenant (or defend a legal claim), either eviction or anything else in the normal course of the landlord/renter relationship, you won't be out of pocket. Court actions can be costly, but we have the industry expertise and the existing relationships with legal professionals that we need to handle legal matters quickly and inexpensively.

What is Covered?

  • Eviction Costs (Including notices, legal, and court fees).

  • Costs of evicting anyone in the property.

  • Defence Claims.

Legal Defence:

  • Costs to defend civil legal action taken against you following any act or omission by you concerning your ownership or management of the property.

  • Legal Advice & Guidance.

  • Free access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cover Limits:
The maximum amount payable per claim is £25,000.
The maximum amount payable per period of insurance is £25,000.
Maximum of £2,500 per month or the amount detailed within the tenancy agreement in relation to claims under Rent Arrears Indemnity, subject to a maximum indemnity period of 6 months.

Rent Arrears Guarantee:
Costs for rent arrears owed by the tenant under the tenancy agreement and up to the claim limits, where an insured event occurs under 'Breach of Tenancy' and you are, where appropriate, pursuing legal action under this policy. 

The cover is subject to:

  1. A full month's rent being in arrears after deduction of the excess.

  2. The rent arrears guarantee only being payable until vacant possession has been gained. Rent arrears being paid at the rate of 1/30th of the rent for each continuous day in arrears.

Cover from just £30 per month
Why not obtain a quote from our Dwello portal in under 90 seconds? Our Dwello portal is bespoke to you - all of your policies can be quotes, amended, and purchased online - anytime, anywhere via desktop or smartphone. 

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